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Liquidity Access LLC. (LA)  serves merchants who encounter obstacles in securing traditional bank loans and need immediate access to working capital liquidity.

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Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)


Due to a variety of conditions, many business owners find it challenging to secure financing with traditional loans. Issues like insufficient collateral, subpar credit scores, unpredictable operational costs, and limited operating history may affect your ability to access capital.

If your company meets the criteria Liquidity Access LLC. will purchase a portion of your future accounts receivables (credit and debit card sales) at a discounted rate known as a factor rate. We make a bet on your business’s ability to generate enough revenue to return the funds we provide.



Central to our business model and success, we maintain strategic alliances with various ISOs, which constitute a significant source of deal flow.

These relationships generate a continuous flow of prospective businesses in need of funding, creating an ecosystem that benefits the merchant, ISOs and Liquidity Access LLC.  parties.


LA delivers unparalleled support and value to Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), which generate merchant cash advance originations for our firm. ISOs that originate receivable purchases present us with businesses in need of immediate liquidity and consider us a preferred funding source. In return, they are paid a commission for a successful receivable purchase origination. 

With the collapse of various Regional Banks like Silicon Valley Bancorp (SVB), First Republic Bank (FRB) traditional banks are elevating their lending standards, leaving many businesses without the working capital they need. Liquidity Access LLC fills this significant void, providing a robust financial framework. 

Our business strategy focuses on deal flow velocity, proactive risk management, and our ability to fund deals quickly. 

By “bridging the gap” between immediate capital needs and traditional banking constraints, we offer a unique value proposition that positions us to thrive in an underserved market.

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