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In today’s fast-paced business world, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) are under immense pressure to deliver competitive and advantageous financing solutions to their business customers. 

Liquidity Access LLC, understands the struggles that you face. The power to “bridge the gap” between merchants and working capital is in the strength of funding providers and ISOs.

Become an ISO with Liquidity Access LLC

Game-Changing For Your Bottom Line

Core Components of a Top-Notch ISO Program

  • Robust Support System

    A high-performing ISO program is incomplete without a strong support system. Our program ensures that you have access to advanced tools, technology, and a team ready to always assist

  • Speed and Efficiency

    In the competitive business world, time is of the essence. We prioritize quick approvals and efficient fund disbursements

  • Transparent Process

    We believe in maintaining clarity throughout the financing process, ensuring you always know where you stand

The Unseen Benefits of a Superior ISO Program

Strengthened Business Relationships

Rapid approvals lead to higher customer satisfaction rates and repeat business

Adaptive Financing Solutions

The ability to adjust according to the ever-changing needs of businesses is essential. We provide dynamic solutions to cater to diverse needs

Empowering Businesses to Dream Bigger

Help your clients scale with the right financing. Aim higher, break boundaries that were once considered unachievable, and make money “hand over fist.”


What you need to know

ISOs undergo a vetting procedure, before being endorsed by funders. Once approved, they can receive offers from funding companies to offer to their business clients. ISOs can represent offers to merchants, essentially reselling their services and offering client support.

Advantages of an ISO Partnership With Liquidity Access

Diversify Revenue Streams

The trend isn't limited to ISOs alone. An increasing number of different businesses, are becoming ISOs

Funder Financing Diversification

Different funders may have different qualification criteria than your existing funding relationships, not to mention the speed at which they process applications and present offers may offer different value propositions. Funder diversification will help ISOs get more deals approved

Beyond Just Financing

LA provides more than just funds; we offer solutions, insights, and strategies that can skyrocket your clients businesses growth. Leverage our network to aid your business and become a top performing ISO

The Crucial Role of an ISO Partner

ISO partners foster relationships with finance providers. Once an agreement is established, ISOs present merchants with funding offers from alternative finance companies with whom they have cultivated relationships

The Rising Importance of ISOs

In the digital age, ISOs have become invaluable partners for businesses, offering strategic financing options tailored to customers needs

Isos Are The Primary Point of Contact For Merchants and Responsible For

The Journey to Becoming a Registered ISO with Liquidity Access LLC

Becoming a registered ISO is a path filled with diligence. Here’s how to navigate:

  • Organize Your Business

    Ensure all necessary incorporation papers, business licenses, and taxes are in order. Having robust legal representation and a comprehensive business plan is also pivotal

  • Seek Financing Company

    Collaborate with a larger ISO or a bank. Consider partnering with multiple sponsors to diversify product offerings


Key Factors To Consider

  • Merchant Monthly Sales: A minimum of $10k in sales to be considered.
  • Operating History: Minimum of six (6) months
  • Data Security: Prioritize platforms that are PCI DSS compliant.
  • Next-day Funding: A partner capable of providing same-day funds can be a significant advantage.
  • Competitive Factor Rates: While low factor rates might seem tempting, it’s imperative to prioritize customer retention and getting the deal done. Opt for partners with advantageous pricing but, more importantly, choose funders that get deals done.
  • Around-the-Clock Support: A 24/7 customer support system is crucial.
  • Reputation: Research potential partners’ reviews and ratings. Gauge their customer support responsiveness, agent partner investments, and overall standing in the industry.

Considering Becoming An ISO And Looking To Harness Its Benefits?

We're Here To Guide You Every Step Of The Way. Connect With Our Team For A Comprehensive Roadmap Tailored To Your Needs.

Iso Partners Should Be Judicious In Selecting Merchant Application Submissions.

Venturing into the ISO realm demands commitment and dedication. With the right strategies and partners, the rewards can be monumental.