Understanding the Need of Working Capital for Businesses


Establishing and maintaining a successful business requires a robust financial strategy and, at times, external financial support. One of the most sought-after external financial aids is a working capital loan. We delve deep into when a business should consider such loans, the various types available, other alternative financing options, working capital solutions, and the myriad benefits they bring.

Recognizing the Need for Working Capital

Businesses, especially small ones, might face periods of diminished cash flow, hampering their daily operations. In such instances, the paramount step is to ascertain the company’s existing working capital.

How to Measure Your Business's Working Capital

To determine the working capital, a simple calculation is:

Working Capital = Current Assets – Current Liablities

Here, current Assets refers to tangible assets like cash in hand, accounts receivable, short-term investments, and inventories. In contrast, Current Liabilities encompass debts, accounts payable, wages, and income taxes due.

Should your working capital lean towards the negative side, it’s a glaring indicator of the necessity for a working capital loan.

Understanding the Working Capital Ratio

Another metric offering clarity is the working capital ratio:

$$ \text{Working Capital Ratio} = \frac{\text{Current Assets}}{\text{Current Liabilities}} $$

A ratio equal to or less than 1 showcases a dire need for cash flow which can be mitigated with a working capital loan.

Explore Different Types Working Capital Loans And Alternatives

Various bank lenders offer distinct types of working capital loans.Here are the primary types of loans:

Alternative Working Capital Financing

Advantages of Opting for Alternative Financing

  • Boost Financial Health and Preparedness: Working capital financing ensures businesses are not caught off-guard during financial dry spells. With the capital injection, companies can seamlessly manage essential payments, including inventory and payroll, ensuring business continuity.
  • Retain Full Control of Your Enterprise: Unlike conventional equity investors who demand a stake in your business, working capital financing allow entrepreneurs to retain complete ownership. This ensures the entrepreneur’s vision and business direction remain uncompromised and in the event of a buyout they make all the money.
  • Collateral-Free Financial Aid: Funders offer working capital financing without necessitating collateral, basing the loan amount on the current health (monthly sales) and potential of the business. This approach simplifies the financing process and reduces the risk for businesses.
  • Ensures Business Agility: With alternative working capital financing, businesses enjoy unparalleled financial agility. Whether it’s staff salaries, equipment procurement, or settling bills, this type of financing ensures businesses can adapt swiftly to their dynamic cash flowneeds.

Working capital loans, when leveraged judiciously, can be transformative for a business

Companies such as Liquidity Access LLC expedite their funding approval and can disburse funds on the same day as an applicant applies depending on the time of day you apply. Sometimes it may take two to three days if all steps in the application process aren't completed.

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